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Blog - Copenhagen Games 2014

This is one of the best Electronic Sports events in Denmark located in the middle of Copenhagen near the main train station. At Copenhagen Games this year, there were over 500 computerplayers and alot of guests. You had the possibility to win over 9000€ as 1st price in the game League Of Legends and Counter-Strike 14.000€ as 1st price. There were alot of games to win awesme prices like FIFA, Starcraft 2, Quake 3 and more.

One of the speciel things this year was the possibility to bet on games , Cosplay show and many small activities beside.


I was at this event for fun with 2 of my good friends in a holiday at Copenhagen. We were enjoying playing small games by the activities for guest and seeing the best teams in the world playing tournaments for money. Later at the event we joined the party with DJs and bears.



16th – 20th of April 2014
Halmtorvet 11
1700 København V



- These pictures was taking by Copenhagen Games